Shokoladushka Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum is a magical space where cooking master classes on making chocolate figures, tasting evenings, excursions and unforgettable birthdays are organized.

It is not just a museum. It is a creative place both for children and adults. You can fulfill dreams of your childhood and visit a mini factory where you can make your unique chocolate pieces with your own hands.

They also have Young Chocolatier Classes for those who are eager to acquire new skills.

If you don’t know where and how to spend your birthday or themed party, the venue is your perfect choice!

Working mode:
Mon-Sun: 9:00-21:00.


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Shokoladushka Chocolate Museum

Адрес :
Bolshaya Sadovaya st., 52-56 (ground floor)



+7(909) 431‒29‒91 , +7(967) 309‒57‒17

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