Cultural and Exhibition "Don Cossack Guard

The cultural and exhibition center of the DGTU "Don Cossack Guard" is a unique subdivision of the DSTU, which was created with a cultural and educational purpose and is aimed at all residents and guests of the Rostov region. In our country, this is the only center presenting an exhibition about Cossack Guardsmen and bodyguards of Russian emperors. And only in France, in one of the suburbs of Paris, the Museum of the Life Guard Cossack Regiment, owned by the officers' descendants, operates. The exposition is based on a private collection, which was formed for more than 28 years by the Rostov citizen Nikolai Novikov, and includes several hundred exhibits.

Audio guides with tour recordings in English, French and Spanish are available.

Virtual tour of the center

We work from 10.00 to 18.00 except Monday, but we are ready to meet guests at the end of working hours, if necessary.

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