Monument to Vitia Cherevichkin

Vitia Cherevichkin was a 16-year old Rostov citizen martyred by Nazis. During the period of occupation of Rostov the command of German troops gave an order to those, who possessed pigeon-houses, to kill the birds under the penalty of prosecution. The Nazis were scared that using messenger-pigeons the Rostov citizens should transfer intelligence information to Red Army. But Vitia disobeyed the order and secretly kept the pigeons, regularly letting them out to fly. The Germans noticed the pigeons in flight and prosecuted Cherevichkin, as a Red Army ally. A photo of the teenager shot dead, holding a pigeon in his hand, was demonstrated at Nuremberg International Military Tribunal among the documents incriminating fascism. 

A park in Rostov-on-Don is named after Vitia Cherevichkin and a monument installed.

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