Tour route 1. The European Rostov. From the park to the park

Walk on the main street of Rostov-on-Don - Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, from the fan zone on Theatre Square to the park of Maxim Gorky. At the beginning of the 20th century this street was compared to capital Nevsky Avenue. The multi-storey profitable buildings built on projects of outstanding architects reminded travelers the European cities. These buildings are decoration of the city also today. The route begins with visit of the park of the October revolution. The most noticeable here is the big wheel "One sky". The magnificent panorama on a zadonye and the historic center of Rostov-on-Don opens from big wheel's height (65 m).

Further we continue a way to the main street along which you will meet different parks and squares you will meet: the park of a name on May 1, Pokrovsky square, square on the areas of Councils and the oldest city park of Maxim Gorky. Also on the way we meet four universities, the Rostov regional museum of local lore, the museum "Sholokhov Center", the magnificent building of the City administration. The city history has remained in each of them. And names of restaurants on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street speak about themselves: "Rostov-father", "New York", "Pauling", "Pancho" and many others.

Route extent - 3 km. Route duration - 3 hours.