Reina-Tour NTV

Reina-Tour is the largest multiproduct tour operator, which provides complete range of services to arrange any voyage. 

   Services of the company:

International trips at group and individual rates;

Arranging for business trips, trade shows and seminars;

Rehabilitating, excursion tours, and beach vacations in Russia;

Air and railway tickets of Russian and foreign companies;

River and sea cruises;

Reservation of hotels and accommodating in own company hotel “Hermitage”;

Services of high-skilled interpreting guides;

Visa support of foreign citizens;

Transport services, transfers;

Excursions to Rostov and the region;

Gift certificates.


Contact Information:
+7 (863) 200-90-10
+7 (863) 263-55-29

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Bolshaya Sadovaya str., 126



+7(863)200-90-10, +7(863)291-89-23

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