Rostov-on-don, Voroshilovsky Ave., 87/65, of. 406
(863) 261-86-23
It is offered a series of exclusive tourist programs in Veshenskaya stanitsa, at the birthplace of the Nobel Prize-Winner, the writer M. A. Sholokhov: "How We are Getting on the Quiet Don", "To Be the Guest of the Cossacks’ Ataman", "Jeep-Safari in the Cossack Way", "The Young Cossack Walks Along the Don", "Don Festive Carousal" (New-Year program). Ethnographic stylization of the Cossacks quotidian life is also included. Besides, it is stipulated participation in the Cossacks habitual feast in the Cossack homestead. Hunting. Fishing. Walking along the nature reserve zone. Congressional tourism: Concert & Exhibitional Center (for 100 seats), available at M. A. Sholokhov’s state protected museum-preserve (Veshenskaya stanitsa). VI P-recreation program. 

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