Golf & country club "Don"

The club is incorporated in the Don Golf Resort complex, a huge country estate with the area of 500 ha situated within 15-minute driving distance from Rostov-on- Don’s international airport, in Starocherkasskaya stanitsa. The project of the 18-hole champion golf course was developed by the architect Volker Puschel, member of the European Golf Architects Institute, and implemented by Mokinski & К German company that constructed over 130 golf courses in Europe. The golf site faces a fascinating view with large fairways located at the banks of the Don’s tributaries that can be seen from any part of the course. They add complexity and beauty to most holes and create sufficient barriers making the game more exciting. The Golf & Country Club “Don” is able to meet the requirements of players of all categories and provide organization of international level tournaments. The club offers its comfortable restaurant Green Cafe. Call on the phones below or visit the website for the club’s working hours.

Tel.: +7 (928) 279 26 00   ,  +7 (863) 292 33 11.
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Rostov Region, Starocherkasskaya Stanitsa.


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