White Horse House

Visitors can both learn horseback riding basics and enjoy carriage and ATV rental services. The horse stable is situated within the territory of the Botanic Garden. Training sessions take place in the picturesque area on calm horses under supervision of skilled instructors. Admirers of “iron horses” can choose ATV riding across the territory of the Botanic Garden. For those loving the atmosphere of the past or willing to make impression, romantic carriage rides along main streets of the evening city will represent a perfect chance. 

Training sessions and rental services are available upon reservation by phone. 

+7 (863) 241-25-28, 
+7 (863) 279-09-63.
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White Horse House

Svetlaya Srteet, 218 (the Botanical garden)

Сайт: renat-davlidgildeev.narod.ru

8 (863) 241-25-28, 8 (863) 279-09-63

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