Don State Public Library

The Don State Public Library is the central library of Rostov region, the oldest book repository in the South of Russia and the largest of the central libraries among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The library was founded on January 7, 1886. Over the course of its history, it has undergone a lot of transformations.

Nowadays, this is a modern information, social and cultural center of the region, a resource center in the support system of municipal libraries and a center of continuous education for library specialists.

The Don State Public Library is a library of the new type:

  • public, providing maximum access for any user;
  • multilingual, with book stocks on any media in multiple languages;
  • multicultural, giving the floor to diverse cultures on equal grounds;
  • multifunctional, meeting the wide range of its users’ requirements – from information to servicing and leisure activities.


The library’s key objective is to extend access to information and any kinds of services. 
In the modern structure of the library’s information activity, the key role is played by legal and business information centers that combine functions of information desks and information analysis offices. 
The center of international information resources carries out its activities which structure incorporates the Hall of French Culture and the German reading room. The center is unique with its collection of books, periodicals, videos, CDs and electronic databases in original languages.



Cultural Programs Center 
Head of Department 
Polina Vadimovna Kasperovich 

Research Guidance Department
Head of Department 
Elena Stanislavovna Shelyukh 

Local Lore Studies Department
Head of Department 
Margarita Bedrosovna Martirosova 

Center of International Information Resources 
Head of Department 
Larisa Ivanovna Kordik 
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Don State Public Library

Pushkinskaya St., 175A


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