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Kinomax-Don multiplex in Rostov comprises 8 sophisticated and comfortable movie halls with 1,184 seats that are fitted with top-notch film projection equipment and super modern acoustic system transforming the viewing process into a spectacular, memorable experience.

At the concession bar of Kinomax mulyiplex, visitors can enjoy popcorn, nachos and the great variety of soft drinks. The multiplex provides all guests with free access to Wi-Fi and Internet connection enabling them to make the wait shorter before the film show.

Kinomax-Don in Rostov-on-Don offers their guests an extra option: you can get the booked or bought ticket bypassing the box office! Use the automatic kiosk: pay for and print out the ticket you have booked before on the website or via call center.

+7 (863) 272-52-00
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Omskaya St., 2B, TRC "megatsentr Gorizont"

Сайт: kinomax.ru/don

+7 (863) 272-52-00

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