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Luxor movie halls are equipped with unique opalescent screens ensuring maximum precision of images. Soft swing armchairs get viewers relaxed and immersed in the movie land. There is one exciting feature for admirers of exclusive recreation: VIP movie hall where viewers can order drinks and snacks staying in their armchairs! 

Luxor multiplex in Rostov-on-Don is an all-in-one leisure facility that comprises Posadoffest beer restaurant, Japanese and Italian cuisines, inexpensive and nourishing business lunches, and Red Bean coffee house with the most delicious Italian coffees. 

Specially for kids, the multiplex will organize free parties with participation of clowns. You can arrange any celebration or birthday party in the multiplex any time you like. 

+7 (863) 204-08-11
+7 (863) 204-08-10

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