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Temernitsky, entertainment complex:

The complex offers a unique variety of hydrotherapeutic procedures and recreation for any taste: an openair swimming pool (in summer) or a skating-rink (in winter), the elite restaurant “Х.О.” for 200 persons, a beauty parlor and a gym, billiards, and a spa center. The men’s public bathhouse (for 120 persons) has a swimming pool and a café-bar with dry and humid zones (there is an exit to the terrace where the guests can have a rest and play backgammon or chess), and a hotel with comfortable suites for work and recreation. There are two-level guesthouses with a Russian steam-house, hammam, massage salon, swimming pool, lounge with the fireplace, billiards and two comfortable suites for groups of 6 persons. In spring, summer and autumn, the beach area provides a heated swimming pool (+32 °С) 1.3 to 2.5 meters deep, plus the children’s pool 75 cm deep. The fitness center has two halls for powerlifting and cardio trainings, dressing rooms, shower rooms, infrared booths, turbo tanning salon, massage salon, and a bar. The spa center offers facial and body care programs, massages and hydro massages, baths, peeling sessions, wrappings, manicure and pedicure, hairdresser’s services and many others. The complex also provides laundry services. 

Tel.: +7 (863) 300-38-38.
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Rostov-on-Don, Lelyushenko St., 10 (Temernik area).

Сайт: www.rk-temer.ru

+7 (863) 300-38-38

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