The Rostov Zoo

Rostov Zoo is one of the largest in Russia. In his collection there are over 5 thousand animals belonging to more than 400 species and representing the five continents. Here you can see Asian elephants, white rhinoceros, Rothschild giraffe, tapirs, pygmy hippopotamus, ungulates, and rare and endangered species in the wild - Dagestan tour, bezoar goat. In the aquarium of the zoo are the most diverse inhabitants of the underwater world. In the aquatorarium, except for crocodiles from South-East Asia, amphibians and reptiles from Central Asia, Africa and America are exhibited.

In the scientific community, the zoo is known for the most complete collection of anthropoid apes and reproduction of animals in captivity: it occupies one of the first places in Europe for the breeding of white-tailed eagles, has great success in obtaining offspring from Siamese crocodiles, Japanese and crowned cranes, flamingos, Kenneth Bennett, many species of predatory animals.

On a large well-groomed territory (more than 90 hectares), animal exposures naturally combine with the sites of an old park, green lawns and flower beds, artificial lakes. to slowly take a look at everything, often not enough all day. In addition, some favorites of the public - bears, monkeys, elephants - feel like "stars" and arrange real representations, from which it is difficult to come off. Therefore, if you are limited by time, pay attention to the map of the zoo and choose a route for the signs. If you are tired, you can relax in the shade of the alleys, admire the pelicans on the shore of the lake, have a picnic on the lawn (especially if you are with the kids) or stay at one of the cafes located in the zoo. For children in the zoo there is a small town with attractions, walks in a horse-drawn carriage or on a train.

The zoo operates in winter and autumn from 8.00 to 18.00, in spring and summer - from 8.00 to 20.00, the aquarium - from 10.00 to 17.00.
The ticket office closes an hour earlier.

Contacts: +7 (863) 232-82-91
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Rostov-on-Don, Zoologicheskaya St., 3



(863) 232-59-18, (863) 232-27-41, (863) 232-82-91, 8 (863) 232-82-91

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