Gastronomic Guide Produced for 2018 FWC Fans in Rostov

Gastronomic Guide Produced for 2018 FWC Fans in Rostov
In Rostov-on-Don, before the world football championship, a gastronomic guide was produced for supporters in the English and Russian languages. 

It tells about the best restaurants and venues in the urban center and specifics of the versatile cuisine of locals of the Southern region. This guide will be distributed in tourist information centers. For tourists’ convenience, the guide provides a QR code, containing more detailed information on culinary delights of the Don capital.

Before the tournament starts, over 50,000 booklets and information and souvenir materials will be produced for football supporters. Among others is a board game, Discover Rostov-on-Don, which will help tourists learn about historical and cultural attractions of the city.

Besides, on June 14 through July 15, Rostov and other cities hosting the world football competition, will see a gastronomic festival Welcome Foodball Cup.

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