Saint Karapet’s Church

The temple was founded in 1875. The construction was sponsored by Aladzhalov, after “the drawings and drafts of I.E. Khatranov”. The both constructors were later on buried by the northwestern facade of the building. The temple construction continued for more than five years. It was consecrated on June 11, 1881.

The St. Karapet’s Church dimensional composition is based on the combination of the Basilica and cross and domes temples. The central, longitude and diametrical naves in the transept protrude over the first tier and end with the dodecahedral cylinder with a marquee. The traditional Armenian ornaments with carved stone details can be found in the facades’ appearance. The church interior, designed after the sketches by I.E. Khatranov and the city architect V.V. Sazonov, is elaborated in the same style with the facade; the iconostasis is made of walnut in the “Annian style” by the German constructor Kraft. The main temple’s icon “Virgin Mary” is located on the stepped podium behind the iconostasis. The authentic primary frescos are placed in frameworks and medallions: “St. George the Victorious”, “St. Pantaleon the Healer”, “St. Barbara the Martyress”, “St. Stephanos”, etc. The frescos are elaborated in the academic manner and are peculiar in laconism, austerity and nobleness of the olive-brown coloring. The St. Karapet’s Church is the center of the memorial complex and cemetery, comprising graves of Armenian activists and Beds of Honor of many Soviet soldiers (1941-1943). To the southwest of the main entrance lies the grave of the famous composer I.K. Shaposhnikov, to the center – graves of soil scientist S.A. Zakharov and the Don land folklore gatherer A.N. Listopadov.

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Saint Karapet’s Church

Адрес :
Chentsova Str., 57

+7(863) 251-07-06

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