Greek Church of Annunciation

The Greek Church of Annunciation was built in Rostov-on-Don in the early 20th century. The church was located in Tkachevsky Lane (now Universitetsky Lane) at its intersection with Malo-Sadovaya Street (present-day Suvorov Street) on the grounds of the Hellenic Charitable Society. The church was laid in 1907, and in 1909, the construction was completed.

In 1959, the church was closed. The building was given to neighboring School No. 7. The building of the church has survived to our days, though its appearance has changed beyond recognition due to extensions.

In 2003, a land plot near the Don Public Library was given for the church to be rebuilt. It was decided to construct the church in the Neo-Byzantine style. The architect G. A. Shevchenko designed the church's project.

In the spring of 2011, the first divine service was held in the courtyard of the church under construction.

The main construction works were completed in January 2014. The church's walls feature unique mosaic icons created by hand in the workshop of the Convent of the Most Holy Theotokos located in Attica, Greece. In October of the same year, crosses were installed. The crosses made specifically for the church are unique, their history began on Mount Athos, Greece – it was there that Elder Arseny created a project of the main cross of the church. The wooden cross, crafted according to the sketch made in the monasteries of Athos, was installed for a while on the church’s dome, to check it for compliance with the Byzantine construction canons.

In addition to religious services, the church is also a venue for important cultural events held with the assistance of Tanais, a regional public organization.


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 Greek Church of Annunciation

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