Spherical cinema-planetarium "Theater of Stars"

Unidentified spherical object appeared in the summer of 2017 in the Park of the Revolution. The clearing at the end of the main alley was empty for a long time, and now it was decorated with a white dome with a star at the entrance and the inscription "Star Theater". The white sphere is a spherical cinema, and the whole huge dome is a 360-degree screen, which, like a cap, covers the hall. 

Eight video projectors simultaneously produce a film on a spherical screen, thereby creating a complete sense of ownership of the action. All films are specially made for full-domed spherical film planetariums. Thanks to the image format and 8 projectors, you are completely immersed in what is happening. Each projector has its own part of the screen for which it is responsible. The picture is very clearly assembled due to the screen calibration, and therefore the image is very high quality. Sitting in a comfortable bag chair, or rather lying down perceiving what is happening - you fly into space, jump with a parachute, plunge into the seabed or rush along the roller coaster, making a dead loop ...

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 Spherical cinema-planetarium "Theater of Stars"

Адрес :
Theater Square, Park "Revolution" Main alley.

Сайт: http://planetarium-rnd.ru/

Email: info@planetariumrnd.ru

+7(918) 589-79-18

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