Sinema Star

Cinema Star was founded in 2005. The first cinema of the chain was Cinema Star at the Kaluga XXI Century Shopping Center. After 12 years, Cinema Star is an international network of cinemas, the principles of which are continuous development, modernization and regional expansion, both within Russia and abroad.

The cinema chain Cinema Star is developing at a rapid pace and expanding its geography of presence. Today, the cinema network is located in 16 cities of Russia and Armenia. The network includes 26 cinemas, 138 digital cinema halls, in which 16 480 people can watch movies at the same time. Cinema Star is one of the top six largest film screening operators in Russia.

Cinema Star’s priority is to equip cinemas with the latest equipment. Christie's projectors, the Dolby Digital Surround EX sound reproducing system, the Master Image 3D system and light-efficient silver screens are installed in the network's digital cinema halls. Many cinema halls are equipped with Dolby Atmos multi-channel sound system, which allows to revive what is happening on the screen and create a powerful and rich sound.

Cinema Star is a premiere network of cinemas operating as the “first screen”. Every week the viewer can see all the films that are available in Russia. The schedule of sessions is designed so that each viewer can find a convenient session. Cinema Star has a flexible pricing policy. Cinema prices vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day

Cinema Star is a socially-oriented company whose activities are aimed, among other things, at implementing projects that support unprotected segments of the population.

In order to make the film viewing not only fascinating, but also delicious, there are cinema bars in the cinema lobby, where a wide range of snacks and soft drinks are presented. In some cinemas there is a cafe. The creative menu is based on European cuisine, compliments from the chef and seasonal offers. 

Cinema Star is a high level of service, quality and innovative look at a popular form of recreation.

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Sinema Star

Адрес :
Michael Nagibin Avenue, 17


+7(863) 203–66–88, +7(863) 203–68–01

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