Tour route 8. Azak on the Great Silk Way (a treasure of the city)

Bus excursion to the most ancient city of the Don region - Azov.

The city was founded in 1067. At various times Azov was also a trading station of the Venetian and Genoa merchants (Tang), both fortress of the Golden Horde (Azak), and the Turkish fortress. History of the Cossack military feats was become by the well-known Azov obsidional sitting of the Don Cossacks of 1641. The Russian military fleet was born in the second campaign of Peter I on the Turkish fortress Azov (1696).

The route passes across the left coast of Don. On arrival in Azov pedestrian walk on Petrovsky Boulevard with an exit to the observation deck to the Don River and rise to ramparts will take place. We recommend to visit the Azov historical and archaeological and paleontologic memorial estate where unique exhibits of the largest collections in the south of Russia, including gold treasures of nomads and also restaurant of historical kitchen "Rampart" are presented.

Route extent in one party from the fan zone (Rostov-on-Don, Theatre Square) to Azov - 40 km.

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