The Don River Embankment in Rostov-on-Don

The Don River Embankment in Rostov-on-Don

The Don River Embankment in Rostov-on-Don, is the main recreational zone for city dwellers and visitors of the southern capital of Russia; it starts fr om the Business Center “Riverside-Don” and goes along the right bank of the river to the restaurant “Pirs (Pier)”. City embankment, one of the most handsome places of interest in city, is named after Feodor Ushakov, glorious Russian naval commander.

What to see?

Unbelievably beautiful landscape design – lawn with billowy relief for a get-together, fragrant many-colored flower beds, cast iron fencing and bollards.

The embankment is abounded with sculptural compositions and monuments to Mikhail Sholokhov, Maxim Gorky, and Feodor Ushakov.

The first interactive light-and-music fountain in the South of Russia rejoices vacationers during hot summer days – it is designed in such a way, that you can take a refreshing shower. Panoramic view of “Rostov-Arena” football stadium readily opens up from the embankment, there is an even better view of it from an observation platform (Sedova St./ Chekhova Ave.).

Bridges across the Don river: automobile Voroshilovsky Bridge with elevators, giving panoramic view to observe the Don banks during ascend or descend; railway bridge with the lifting middle section for passage of river vessels during day-time.

You will be surprised with a characteristic example of corn-houses built in mid-XIX c.– “Paramonov Yards”, federal monument of history and architecture.

Where to recreate?

Make a fascinating trip in a cruiser-boat or highspeed power-boat.

Find refreshing coolness during summer heat on comfortable benches in a genuine green oasis in the shadow of chestnuts, birches, catalpa trees (so-called “macaroni tree” with the long hanging locust fruits resembling green macaroni), maples, poplars, pines, fur-trees, and Japanese sakura.

There are a lot of comfortable cafés, restaurants, bicycle tracks, places for smoking, drinking water fountains, free Wi-Fi, recreation zones, animation ground for children at the embankment.

The embankment was the first in the South of Russia to qualify for accessible environment requirements for any group of disabled citizens, everything is provided for their comfortable leisure. Every area has access ramps and special railing, there are “tactile tracks” for visually challenged.

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