Nakhichevan-na-Donu is a town gone to history

Nakhichevan-na-Donu is a town gone to history

Nakhichevan belongs to such towns which emergence is liable to state interests. It was established in 1779, by the Ordinance of empress Catherine the Great by Armenians, who migrated fr om the Crimea; and since 1928 it is a part of Rostov-on-Don.

What to see?

1. Museum of Russian-Armenian friendship with the collection of rare photos, documents, household items, and traditional costumes.

2. Building of Youth Theater – former Nakhichevan Drama Theater, late XIX c. Trig solemn façade of the building is the architectural accent of the square.

3. Monument to Archbishop, prince Joseph Argutinsky-Dolgorukov, founder of the town of Nakhichevan.

4. Church of the Resurrection (Surb Arutiun) of Armenian Apostolic Church, constructed of tufa stone in canonic Armenian style, which differs fr om all other Armenian churches built in the Don land in XIX c.

5. Memorial sign “In the memory of Surb Grigor Lusavorich (St. Gregory the Enlightener) cathedral, laid on September 9, 1783, destroyed in 1966. September 9, 2001.”

6. Sculpture of Vartares Samurgashev, Olympic Champion of Greco-Roman wrestling, outstanding Rostov sportsman.

7. Memorial complex to “Warriors Fallen in Action” – bed of honor with Eternal flame in park square named after Mikhail Frunze. It here, wh ere the secondary school students are keeping the guard of honor at Combat Watch Post No. 1 in any weather. It is the only in Russia, which have never stopped its service in the end of XX c. There was not a single day, when the Eternal flame memorials was left without the guard of honor.

8. Monument to Karl Marx, public character, German philosopher, writer, installed at the place of the monument to Russian empress Catherine the Great.

9. Nakhichevan Market Place (Bazaar) is a picturesque Southern market.

Where to recreate?

Regional Folk Arts Center (5/1, Karl Marx Square) invites to various concerts, competitions, folk holidays, days of national culture, masters of arts and crafts exhibitions, and various festivals.

Academic Youth Theater (3, Svobody Sq.) is a theater with the modern approach to theatrical traditions. Every season the Youth Theater of Rostov-on-Don offers to its spectators not less than 20 performances. And it is worth mentioning, that 5 – 6 of the performances are the premiere performances.

Makaroni (Pasta) Factory (MAKARONKA) (8, 18th Line St.) is the only artistic ground in city, which is uniting the experimental theater “18+”, show floor, and artists’ studios. It was opened in 2013 in the premises of former Makaroni (Pasta) Factory.

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