Sovetov Square

Sovetov Square – central and main administrative square of the city.

What to see?

Building of the Government of Rostov Region (Former House of Soviets).

Monument to “Liberators of Rostov in 1920 fr om White Guard Troops”. The author is Evgeny Vuchetich, People’s Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Full Member of the Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR, Winner of five Stalin Awards, favorite sculptor of every leader of the Soviet Union. The pedestal of the monument is bearing the hammered reliefs “Morning Before the Attack”, “Dashing Mounted Attack”, “Victory Lap”.

Memorial sign with reduced copy of a monumental Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Building of State Bank Office (Gosbank) with the colonnade and triangular frontispiece with sculpture composition: double-headed eagle and sitting figures of Greek gods on the sides. It is one of few buildings in the center of the city, which survived during the Great Patriotic War and reached our days unchanged. The double height hall with the mezzanine floor unique for Rostov produces a strong emotional impression. It is one of the best works of the architect Marian Peretyatkovich.

Where to recreate?

In the picturesque green garden square, encircling the square from three sides, on the benches in the shade of trees, softening the noise of highways.

In architectural-and-sculpture complex in front of the main bank façade, including: stairs with balustrade railing and half-round fountain, on which corners there are stands with splendorous copper lions.

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