Left Bank of the Don river

Left Bank of the Don river is the most Southern part of Rostov-on-Don, extended along the megapolis for 30 kilometers; it is commonly named as “Levberdon”, and sometimes “Leberdon” by many Rostov dwellers, and is one of favorite places for vacationing for the city residents, which are frequent comers to these grounds during the weekends.

What to see?

“Rostov Arena” is a football stadium in Rostov-on-Don , which will accommodate the matches of Football World Cup of 2018. The total capacity of the stadium is 45.000 spectators.

Rowing Canal is a water reservoir, which formed due to water springs, welling at the bottom. It is made for national Kayak – Canoe team training.

Where to recreate?

Cafés, restaurants, bars, night clubs, and recreation centers. Catering industry is represented by numerous cafés and restaurants with Cossack, Russia, and Caucasian cuisine.

City beach, embankment with a walkway boulevard, which is split into sportive grounds and the area of quiet leisure. Perfect spot for taking photographic panoramas of the city.

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