Sightseeing platform at the monument to Georgy Sedov

Sightseeing platform at the monument to Georgy Sedov

One of the best viewing platforms in Rostov-on-Don is in Sedova Street.

What to see?

It opens picturesque view to the river Don and vast expanses of the Trans-Don lands with dominating good looker “Rostov Arena” stadium.

City embankment with the monument to Feodor Ushakov.

Voroshilovsky bridge is one of the symbols of Rostov-on-Don and recognizable architectural monument in the city. The bridge for autos and pedestrians takes you to the legendary Left Bank of the Don with recreational areas and entertainment facilities. Besides it connects the regional capital with its satellite-cities: thousands of motorists drive to Rostov-on-Don fr om Azov and Bataisk and back on the daily basis.

Paramonov Yards is a complex of warehouses built in XIX c. of the merchants Maximov and Paramonov.

Zeleny (Green) Island is situated within Rostov-on-Don city limits, downflow the river Don. The island is not big – 4 km long and 1,5 km wide only. It accommodates recreation centers, cafés, leisure areas.

Where to recreate?

In shady alleys with benches in the small garden square named after Georgy Sedov.

We recommend to visit this sightseeing attraction of the city, admire the views and make best photos ever.

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