Pushkinskaya Street

Pushkinskaya Street – one of the most picturesque in city. Its length is 3,45 km; it starts at Dolomanovsky Lane. It has different width through its all length, and after Chekhov Avenue the boulevard takes the complete street width, and until the end, Teatralny Avenue, it is a pedestrian street and a park zone.

What to see?

Rostov regional Museum of Fine Arts is an art museum. The collections count up to 6 thou. exhibits. It locates in the building, which has the status of cultural heritage of regional importance.

Monuments to the writers of the Don land: Mikhail Sholokhov, Vitaly Zakrutkin, Anatoly Kalinin; Russian writers: Alexander Pushkin, Anton Chekhov, Soviet poet Vladimir Visotsky, and a scientist, rector of the Rostov University, Yuri Zhdanov.

Decorative spheres with the bas-relief portrait of Alexander Pushkin and narrative images fr om Pushkin’s creations.

Church (Greek) of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary is built in neo- Byzantine style – single-domed quatrefoil church with a parvis and a bell-tower.

The Don State Public Library is the oldest library stack in the South of Russia, established in 1886. Its stocks count over five million various publications, audio and visual documents, computer data bases.

The architectural ensemble of the library is unusual: it is a combination of a 16-storey solid-cast concrete book depository and a 3-storey building block of reference rooms. Intentional restraint of exterior facades is well combined with abundant and varied interior (comfortable reference rooms, interior garden, fountain cascade), as if completing the theme of a “treasury”, which biggest value is the content.

Memorial complex devoted to the prisoners of fascist concentration camps – is a memory of the events of February 1943, when at this spot over 1.500 Soviet citizens, shot be Nazi occupants, were buried.

Mansion house of the richest third-generation businessman, well-known book publisher Nikolay Paramonov, built in a neo-classical style, and possessing the status of architecture of Federal importance. Currently it accommodates the Zonal Scientific Library named after Yuri Zhdanov of the Southern Federal University.

Where to recreate?

I the pedestrian boulevard in comfortable cafés, in shady alleys of lime trees, maples, chestnuts, white acacias, various bushes. Watch art-house movies in the House of Cinema.

Visit the Don Public Library to acquaint yourself with the personal and collective exhibitions of fine arts, book thematic exhibitions, with the center of international information resources, which structure integrates the Hall of French Literature, German Reference Hall. The center is unique with its book collection, periodicals, video, CD, and digital data bases in the language of the originals. Visit the seminars, workshops, lectures in history, fairs and festivals hold both inside the library and outside next to it. Visit the book stall next to the library. Take a photo of the biggest book in Rostov-on-Don, which is a peculiar flower bed.

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