Central Municipal garden named after A.M. Gorky

Central Municipal garden named after A.M. Gorky

Central Municipal garden named after A.M. Gorky is located in downtown at 45, Bolshaya Sadovaya St.; and it occupies a city block between Pushkinskaya and Bolshaya Sadovaya Streets, Semashko Lane and Budennovsky Avenue. It is the oldest park in Rostov-on-Don.

What to see?

Building of Rostov-on-Don City Government (Duma) and Administration of Rostov-on-Don is a true decoration of the city. It was built according to the design project by Academician Alexander Pomerantsev, in 1899, for City Government (Duma) and City Board (Uprava). The building is luxuriant, solemn, ornate, with reach decorations along façade, it impresses with complete and dynamic image.

Monument to Andrei Baikov, Rostov city Mayor of the second half of XIX c. It was he, who laid the basis of flourishing of the Don land capital, and during his rule Rostov transformed fr om a provincial town into the trading-and-economic center of the South of this country.

Geographical mark “City Center” is located next to the central entrance to the park. The arrows of a brass compass indicate the cardinal directions. If you pause at the mark, you will know – what is the distance in kilometers fr om Rostov to several capital-cities of the world, Arctica and Antarctica.

Rotunda is a monument of history and architecture.

Upper and Lower Flower Mixborders are the two tiers of park zones, decorated with flower parterres. Main Flower Bed of the Lower Mixborder is distinguished with luxury and brightness, its flower combine in nhackneyed flower design and combinations.

Two monuments of the Soviet period and the park entrance from Bolshaya Sadovaya Street – to Vladimir Lenin (sculptor Neroda, architect Andreev, 1929) and from Pushkinskaya Street – to the great October Socialist Revolution (sculptor V. Dubovik, architect E. Poliansky, 1979). There are three male figures – a soldier, a worker, and a sailor -- at the pedestal of red granite. View of the monument symbolizes strength and reliability of victory of the Revolution.

Where to recreate?

Broad alleys with flower mixborders and trees, play grounds, chess pavilion, numerous cafés, various attractions: for children and adults, and for complete family.

In astronomical observatory – center for public lectures; next to which there is a viewing platform “Sun-Dial”.

On weekends and holidays the park accommodates entertainment programs and shows, competitions, festivals, performances of professional and amateur art groups.

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