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FIFA Set Restriction List for 2018 World Cup Festival Visitors

The full list of items prohibited and restricted to bring to the FIFA Fan Fest is provided in the document attached to the electronic lot posted to the government procurement website.

The list contains 44 items.

Beside the standard prohibition to bring weapons, explosives, fireworks, spirits, it will not be allowed to have umbrellas over 25 cm long, thermos and water bottles, motor scooters, drones, folding seats or flags.

Banners over two meters long, paper rolls, torches, more than one pack of medicines are also forbidden.

Grass containers, selfie sticks, water and foodstuffs will be collected at the entrance to the fan zone on Theater Square.

Musical instruments, except for pipes and horns, also fall under the ban. Along with that, restrictions apply to sports gear, bicycles, rollers, skateboards and scooters.

No campaigns, including political or advertising ones, will be allowed at the site of the event.

As you remember, in Rostov-on-Don, the FIFA Fan Fest will take place from June 14 through July 16.

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