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Communications at Rostov Arena Prepared for “Olympic” Load
Communication networks of Rostov Arena Stadium will be capable to withstand a load similar to that of Fisht Stadium during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, as reported by German Lopatkin, Communications and Information Technology Minister of the Rostov Region.
Currently, telecom providers start installing equipment at the stadium, they also work on improving communication quality at other 2018 FIFA World Cup sites. According to regional authorities, in the future, the new IT infrastructure will provide necessary telecommunication facilities for the sports and tourism cluster in Rostov’s left-bank area.

Rostov Arena and Fisht stadiums can accommodate an equal number of visitors (45,000), so the number of communication service users will be the same, says Lopatkin.

However, communication infrastructure, like Rostov Arena itself, had to be built from scratch.

According to the minister, cutting-edge telecommunication facilities are employed at Rostov Arena today. “They will enable, for example, TV companies to broadcast, among other, in 4K – it is the most state-of-the-art video and digital stream transmission format. Naturally, all the providers now deploy LTE (4th generation wireless high-speed technology) network there. Over 20 information systems will operate at the stadium – starting from entry control to service systems for sports events”.

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