Rostov State Musical Theatre

The unique building of the musical theater in the form of an open grand piano, which opened doors for art lovers in 1999, immediately became a symbol of the city. it is one of the most technically equipped and modern not only in the South of Russia, but also in the whole country, which allows creating masterpieces of opera and ballet art. Today the theater has world renown and many awards. His repertoire includes operas, ballets, operettas, musicals, a rock opera, musical novels, brilliant symphonic concerts. annually it gives about 300 performances.

+7 (863) 264 07 07,
+7 (863) 292 35 19.
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Rostov-on-Don, B. Sadovaya Str., 134



(863) 292-35-19, (863) 292-35-06, (863) 292-35-08, (863) 264-48-32

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