The M. Gorky theatre

Establishment of the Department of Culture and Art of the Rostov Region. The date of the formation of the theater is considered to be June 23, 1863, when the first performance of the stationary drama company took place. The building of the theater was built in 1935, restored after the war in 1963.

The theater has three scenic stages: a large hall for 1165 seats (stage dimensions: width - 23 m, depth - 22 m, height - 22 m), a small hall for 300 seats and an experimental stage for 70 seats. In the western wing of the theater is the ART Gallery.

The theater is the initiator of the All-Russian festival "Russian Comedy", which is held regularly in our city.

+7 (863) 263 36 13,
+7 (863) 263 36 22,
+7 (863) 253 56 44 organization of excursions
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Rostov-on-Don, Teatralnaya Sq., 1



(863) 263-36-22, (863) 263 36 22

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