Tourist Company “PARUS (SAIL)”

Every year the company actively operates in the area of tours for children, arranging holidays for children, farewell school bell party on motor vessels of the shipping companies “DonTour” (Reg. No.: VNT 002522), “Southern Wind” (Reg. No.: VNT 002548).
The motor vessels meet every safety requirement, are equipped with modern means of communication and navigation. The company boasts the many year experience of operations with tourists. Every tourist interested is provided with medical insurance, and accident insurance.

The company provides the following services: sea and river tours to Rostov and Rostov Region, tours for children, farewell school bell party, graduate prom on motor vessels, spa-and-recreation, and downhill skiing tours, hotel booking, reservation and sales of air and railway tickets, arranging transfers, events (conferences, holidays), excursion tours, hunting, fishing, horse-riding tourism.

Contact Information:
+7 (863) 256-43-50
+7 (863) 256-45-00
+7 (863) 210-78-06
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Tourist Company “PARUS (SAIL)”

Категория: #Water #Entertainment (leisure)

Beregovaya str., 12

+7 (863) 256-43-50, +7 (863) 256-45-00, +7 (863) 210-78-06

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