Saga Voyage

The company was started by a team of archeology scientists as a small scale tour operator to arrange the scientific tours for scientists from all over the world. The first tours developed by the company were related to archeological excavation in the South of Russia, with examination of precious archeological findings of Bronze Age, which are now museum showpieces.

As tome flows the range of company services broadened, and the main accent was put on ecological component of provided services. It gave birth to eco-, zoo-, and ornithological tours, watching wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. Cooperation with Rostovsky Natural Preserve and the “Steppe Wild-Life” Association, which in its turn actively cooperates with such nature protection oriented organizations as UNESCO, TACIS, WWF, scientific establishments of Russian Academy of Sciences, colleges and universities. Gradually the tours’ geography broadens, the company starts to cooperate with such natural reserves as: Caucasion, Teberdinsky, Baikalsky, Baikalo-Lensky, Volzhsko-Kamsky, Cherny Zemly (Black Soils), reserve Utrish, Sulgan-Tash, and many other wildlife preserve areas.

Contact Information:
  8 (800) 775-21-01
+7 (863) 273-22-18

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Категория: #Entertainment (leisure) #Cognitive (historical and cultural)

Vavilov str., 59/101, 2nd floor, office 223




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