Rostov-Elena, Tur Travel Company

Bus and aviarounds across Europe.

Operating mode: Monday - Friday - from 10.00 till, Saturday - from 11.00 till Revival - the day off.

Open Company "Rostov-Elena-round" travel agency exists since 2003. The main principle of work of the company was and remains - any wish of the customer should be executed, therefore we – versatile travel agency and offer rounds almost in all countries of the world recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for rest and travel. To achieve quality of performance of tourist's services PROFESSIONALISM and ENTHUSIASM of managers for the trade helps only. Except rest on known beaches, the assortment includes interesting excursion routes, and the majority of them - exclusive! Our rounds across Russia, among which many exclusive author's works, the inter-regional excursion programs covering all Russia, united by one subjects use a great popularity. Having visited these rounds, tourists study history of Great Power anew. Advantages of Open Company "Rostov-Elena-round" are: competitive prices; reliable service throughout all round; flexible system of payment; Operative preparation and granting of documents.

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Rostov-on-Don, Lermontov str 125 of 35




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