Golf & country club "Don"

The club is part of the Don Golf Resort complex, an impressive 500-hectare country estate located a 15-minute drive from Rostov-on-Don International Airport, in the village of Starocherkasskaya. The 18-hole championship golf course was designed by Volker Puchel, a member of the European Institute of Golf Architects and implemented by Mokinski & Co, a German company which has built over 130 golf courses in Europe. Golf & Country Club "Don" combines pristine natural landscape and well thought-out golf course with unique opportunities! Become our guest and feel the pleasure of the game, enjoy the scenery, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and leisure, charge with energy and good mood!

The vast playing area, preserved "green massif", expressive aesthetics of the lakes and exquisite modeling of the landscape form a picture of this unusual place, here you can feel the real freedom and boundlessness of the Don region.

The club has a cozy Green Cafe restaurant. Check the club's opening hours by phone or on the website.

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Golf & country club "Don"

Rostov Region, Starocherkasskaya Stanitsa



+7(928) 279-26-00, +7(863) 292-33-11

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