Delta Force, paitball club

"Delta Force is:

Indoor and outdoor paintball and laser tag locations
Play in all weathers. Many themed locations ranging fr om ordinary to huge factories and even a village.

Safe paintball and laser tag.
Following all the recommendations of the World Health Organization treating all the equipment with antiseptics and taking all measures necessary not only for comfort but also to preserve your health.

Best Scenarios
Over one hundred unique paintball and laser tag scenarios for parties of 6 people or more. Try on the role of a terrorist, drug lord, Soviet soldier or samurai.

Comfortable recreation areas
Indoor and outdoor mastas wh ere you can catch your breath after a paintball fight. You can sit on benches as well as on comfortable leather couches.

The latest equipment
In our club only New paintball equipment, no broken machines, sweaty masks and dirty torn uniforms. At any of the addresses Lasertag and Paintball - at the highest level.

Free Photo Shoot
A free photo shoot during a Paintball or Laser tag battle? No problem! The photographer will capture the exploits on the battlefield and arrange a unique photo shoot in full ammunition. New avatar won't keep you waiting=)

Become a pro at Paintball and Laser tag
Instruction is provided by professional paintball players with years of experience. They will not only answer all your questions about paintball, but will suggest many tactics you need to win.

Service is our everything
The pleasure of paintball is an important goal. You won't have to wipe the mask yourself, wipe the hits, all this routine work will be done by the company's staff. Count on professional instruction and constant help from instructors on and off the battlefield.

Gifts for all players
We have a promotion action: bring a friend - get 10% discount, bring 10 friends - play paintball or laser tag for free! Add to it all the prices and discounts for regular customers, gifts for birthday boys and girls and you get the price of laser tag or paintball - your dream!
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Delta Force, paitball club

Levoberezhnaya st., 68 (1 polygon), Progulochnaya st., 1 (2 polygon)



+7(904) 500-33-21, +7(863) 333-00-21

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