"Aqua Don" diving club

The scuba diving club provides diving training and organizes trips around the world. The club members are united by their love for underwater travel and sea romance and are ready to offer their assistance to beginners in organizing their training - to take a course on a standard or VIP schedule and receive a diver's certificate.

You can also buy diving equipment - the club has a store with the same name. In addition to the training course the club offers several variants of trial diving (introdive), which can be carried out in the pool "Volna", and in summer time - in Rostov reservoirs and on the Black Sea. 

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"Aqua Don" diving club

Krasnoarmeyskaya str, 101

Сайт: www.aquadon.ru

Email: info@aquadon.ru

+7(863) 264-32-32, +7(928) 605-10-01 , +7(928) 605-10-02

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