Zolotoy Lev

This privately-owned hotel with a small courtyard is situated in the center of the city, next to October Revolution Park and Teatralnaya Square. It offers accommodation in 17 rooms: single and double rooms, “junior suites” and “suites”. The rooms have bathrooms, telephones, fridges and climate control systems. The cost of accommodation includes breakfast (half-board) and the secured parking lot.

At the hotel, you can use Wi-Fi Internet, visit a sauna with the swimming pool, enjoy Caucasian and European cuisines at the “legendy Kavkaza” restaurant or order room service.

contact information
+7 (863) 266 57 32 room reservation

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Zolotoy Lev

Kayani Str., 11 А

Сайт: www.hotelgoldenlion.ru

Email: rafo-91@bk.ru

+7 (863) 266-57-32

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