“Don” Rowing Canal

The fresh, clean water area of the artificial lake – originated from the spouting bottom springs that harmoniously fits the natural landscape – creates an aura of direct powerful contact with cosmogenic and terrestrial meditation factors of positive effect on human body combined with physical and psychological relaxation.

Its municipal location plays an important role as well. The canal provides excursion opportunities and acquaintance with the largest and richest city in the south of Russia. Unique music theater and drama theater, local lore museum, circus, the Don River embankment, railway terminal, bus terminal, and airport. 
Uniqueness of the Rowing Canal is its specific natural microclimate combined with immediate vicinity of the city center. 

“Don Rowing Canal” Sports and Physical Training Complex is under permanent guardianship of city authorities. 

The administrative block houses a hotel, café, fitness center with sauna, gym, and medical and recreational center.

The “Don” rowing canal is a place for a great variety of public sports and physical training events for residents of Rostov-on-Don, and their favorite leisure destination.

The city residents are free to use 19 outdoor flat structures that enable development of mass sports. They are sites for five-a-side, pickup basketball, beach volleyball, court tennis, roller rink, etc.
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