“Skazka” Entertainment Complex

Pleven Park was established after signing the friendship and cooperation treaty between Rostov and Pleven, Bulgaria, in 1963. In honor of the twin city, two alleys were laid out up and down Kommunisticheskiy Prospekt. In the lower alley, roses sent fr om Bulgaria were planted in 1970 and since then this area of the park is called the Alley of Roses. The upper alley is memorial: the monument of Soviet and Bulgarian friendship was erected there in 1974 and the memorial complex commemorated to warriors who fell in battles in Afghanistan and Chechnya was erected in 1996.

“Skazka” park was established in 1972 as a children’s adventure playground. It occupied nearly 700 m2 and the largest park of the country during that period. The park included seesaws, carousels and other amusement rides, and outdoor swimming-pools. Today, the new combined park represents a magnificent entertainment complex. All park zones are made in keeping with the best European traditions; they are green and well-groomed, with flower-beds, artful wrought iron benches and street lamps. The “Bulgarian part” is decorated with Scandinavian rowan trees, pine trees and chestnut trees, and the rosary reemerged in the remodeled alley by the 260th anniversary of Rostov. In springtime, the alley on Kommunisticheskiy Prospekt displays beautiful blooming of chestnut trees while the air is filled with soft-honey smell of lime trees. During warm seasons, 25 state-of-the-art amusement facilities are available in the park for all family members wh ere they can ride horses or toy trains during weekends or view a concert or take part in exciting contests during red-letter days. In wintertime, the ice rink is open (with skate rental services). Pride of the park is the only dolphinarium in Rostov region that was established on the eve of the Don capital’s jubilee in May 2009. It organizes artistic performances throughout the year, and its repertoires are updated on a regular basis.

The park offers “Skazka” tennis club services to admirers of outdoor activities. The club employs professional trainers and has a children’s tennis school that can attended by kids as young as 4 years of age. Training sessions and matches take place on 5 courts: three indoor courts (air-conditioned) and two outdoor ones (with state-of-the-art, top quality flooring). When a season starts, the park opens a lot of outdoor sites that offer soft drinks, barbeques, beers, famous Don crawfish and live music.

At evenings, the exciting spectacle of the park is “Rhapsody” fountain that “dances” to symphonic music. 

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“Skazka” Entertainment Complex

Communistichesky Ave., 36/4

+7 (863) 222-69-72, +7 (863) 222-75-95

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