Rostov racecourse /”Favorite” Club/

For all those willing to join the horseback riding world, the race track offers horseback rides (with an instructor) and excursions (narratives about the history of the Rostov race track, horse breeds, territory and stand displays, horseback riding, etc.), basic horseback riding education for newcomers (subscription-based group sessions and individual sessions with a qualified instructor). 

“Favorite” horse riding club is open on weekdays fr om 2 to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 2 to 7 pm wh ere experienced trainers will teach you the basics of horseback riding and more complex skills. The 45-minute training session starts at the beginning of every hour sharp. Training sessions at the club are available upon reservation (2-3 days upfront) by phone. 

Race Track
+7 (863) 292-39-57 
+7 (863) 292-39-92

“Favorite” club
+7 (903) 400-64-54  

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Rostov racecourse /”Favorite” Club/

Malyuginoy St., 223


+7 (863) 279-09-63, +7 (863) 292-39-92

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