Planeta – Tourists and Mountaineers Club

The club’s premises include training areas for orienteering, sports tourism, rock climbing and two all-season bouldering rock climbing walls with a series of hard short tracks. The club both works with constantly training athletes (mountaineering, water, caving and alpine tourism, rock climbing, children’s and family tourism, and orienteering groups) and offers an opportunity for admirers of outdoor activities to join weekend events and tours.

Offsite events around the city and beyond, multisport tournaments (cycling, running, swimming, rowing, adventure sessions with rope passages, etc.), city breaks during warm seasons: from May through September – waterborne travels, from April through November – rafting tours (equipment for all participants; participation is subject to approval by phone shown below or on website). Recently, the club introduced new adventure programs for families with kids (three program options: gaming, water and rocks) and tours for couples. The club’s premises have a sports equipment store. 

+7 (863) 242-35-10
+7 (863) 223-86-13
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