Tiger, diving store-club

Besides sales of diving equipment (see “Tiger, store”), the club organizes tours to different countries of the world (Egypt, Philippines, Sudan, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa, Mexico, etc.) and hunting and training trips to the rivers and reservoirs of Rostov Region. The club also organizes underwater hunting at Veselovskoye reservoir. During summer periods, the club opens its diving center situated in Inal bay at the Black Sea coast. Divers’ training and certification are based on the PADI system, from the beginner to professional level. There are diving courses for children. The club’s instructors teach basic diving skills with field drilling courses. The club offers trial diving services in the swimming pool under the guidance of an experienced instructor or independent scuba-diving in the swimming pool for holders of OWD level certificates or higher. The customers can rent diving equipment; the club provides warranty and post-warranty repair of equipment in its service center.

Tel.: +7 (863) 206-11-98  ,  +7 (863) 262-75-00.
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Tiger, diving store-club

Rostov-on-Don, Voroshilovsky Ave., 17–19 (downtown).

Сайт: www.tiger-dive.ru

Email: tigerdive@mail.ru

+7 (863) 206-11-98, +7 (863) 262-75-00

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