Outdoor Cinema Started Operating in Rostov’s Gorky Park

Outdoor Cinema Started Operating in Rostov’s Gorky Park

On July 5, a cinema club opened at the outdoor stage of Gorky Park in Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. During three months, until September 30, Rostovites and visitors will have a chance to watch Soviet and foreign masterpieces free of charge. Viewers will also hear about films and film people that are not so famous but certainly deserve attention. Five films will be shown on wide-screen in July, two in August and three in September.

Program of the cinema club:
July 10 — Scarecrow
July 12 — Beware of the Car
July 22 — The Key That Should Not Be Handed On
July 29 — Boys
August 19 — School Waltz
August 26 — Heart of a Dog
September 2 — Other People's Letters
September 23 — Monologue
September 30 — The Bad Good Man

The show starts at 8.30 p.m.

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