Rostov’s Musical Theater to Offer Free Street Performances during FWC 2018

Rostov’s Musical Theater to Offer Free Street Performances during FWC 2018

“For the first time, the Musical Theater will show its art outside. A makeshift 200-seat hall and screens will appear next to its building.”

According to Darina Gegieva, Literary Manager of the Musical Theater, a repertoire festival will be held in the theater during the international football championship. It will take place from June 15 to June 24. “The festival runs under the name of ‘Masterpieces of Russian Music’, and it includes our repertoire opera and ballet performances. Its grand opening and a gala concert are to take place on June 15. All the theater’s solo performers, choir, ballet, that is the whole company, will show their best. Besides, starting from today, an open-air stage starts working in front of the theater. Artists will perform in this venue nearly every day from June 13 to July 1.” 

Both local and visiting artists will give performances to fans. They promise to offer versatile performances – instrumental concerts, popular classics, songs from Soviet movies. The Arts College, the Music Academy, the Puppet Theater will present their programs as well.

Performances by participants of the Masterpieces of Russian Music Festival given in the theater hall will also be shown to all interested people. For that to happen, three screens will be installed on the theater’s façade.

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