BENAMAR Hotel Opened in Rostov ahead of FWC 2018

BENAMAR Hotel Opened in Rostov ahead of FWC 2018

The hotel boasts a spacious Spa center, a conference hall, a 166-square-meter restaurant, a karaoke bar and 62 rooms.

Maksim Papushenko, Minister of Economic Development of the region, and Svetlana Kambulova, Director of Economy Department of Rostov-on-Don, attended the grand opening.

The Minister noted the special significance of the event, which could be called a gala occasion. This hotel would be a momentum and a driver for the city’s economy, an indispensable part of the big urban center, which is critically important in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup and in the delivery of New Rostov concept.

The Benamar was on the list of the Governor’s Top 100 Investment Projects, 750 million rubles were invested to construct it. Apart from that, an agreement was made with MATCH Accommodation 2018 to ensure that 40 hotel rooms would be available during the matches of the international football tournament.  
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