Park Facing Rostov Arena Stadium to Open on May 1

Park Facing Rostov Arena Stadium to Open on May 1

Vitaly Kushnarev, the city manager of the Don capital, reported at the meeting in the Administration Office of Rostov-on-Don, that the park will open on May 1. To celebrate this event, the city authorities will arrange festivities, involving artists and entertainments.

According to the city manager, the new park will occupy a total area of 16 hectares. It is expected to become one of the best in the city. Alongside with recreation grounds, it will enjoy sports facilities and kids’ play areas. It will also have its own beach. The new embankment will be 1,100 meters long. Lighting has already been provided.

Currently, wide-scale planting of greenery takes place there. In the future, the ice rink will be organized in the left bank area.

As you remember, the park and the stadium were built from ground up.

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