Ballet Cinderella

Fairy-tales always provide favorable material for ballet. They give huge space to bring to life creative ideas of a ballet master, a composer, a scene designer and, of course, dancers. Cinderella with its story of a Kitchen Maid turning into a Princess, magic and miracles, a splendid ball is a real gem. But this story can be retold in a different way, as did the world-renowned ballet master Oleg Vinogradov.
Following the drama concept of Evgeny Schwartz, he reinvented the old story in a modern way.  It gives reflections on spirituality and poor inner world, on beauty and ugliness, on talent and mediocrity.

 Admirers of classical ballet can watch Prokofiev’s Cinderella directed by Khasan Usmanov, Artistic Director of Classical Russian Ballet, and the stage director Timur Kinzikeyev.

Classical Russian Ballet performs, first of all, classical ballets, great works, included into the golden collection of Russian ballet!!!

The perfomance will take place on April 18.

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