With love to the Don Father

The walking tour starts in Pokrovsky Garden Square in Bolshaya Sadovaya Street where the monument to Elizaveta Petrovna, Russian Empress, who founded the city of Rostov-on-Don, is placed. The guide will tell you a story about founding the fortress of the St. Dimitry Rostovsky; about the past and nowadays of our city. The route goes along Bogatyanovsky Descent and passes by the Rich Spring (Bogaty Istochnik), which gave birth to this city, to the Don river embankment. On your way you shall be informed about the role of tsar Peter the Great in origination of the fortress, about people, who inhabited the Don land since olden times, about Rostov merchants, about economic power of Rostov in the past. At the embankment your attention will certainly be attracted by the sculptures “Lucky Fisherman”, “Crayfish”, “Painter”, “Don Father”, “Grigori and Aksiniya in a boat” and others. You will enjoy the unique musical fountain, pay attention to the newly built Voroshilovsky automobile bridge with panoramic elevators for pedestrians. The route ends at the descent from Budennovsky Avenue.

Date: 20.06, 26.06, 02.07
Start time 11:00
Route start: Pokrovsky Garden Square
Duration: 2,5 hours
Previous register for the excursion is needed!

Tel.: (863) 291-89-23 – incoming department
Mobile phone 8-918-518-03-06 Evgeniya
e-mail: priem@reina-tour.ru

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