Steam Train Tour to the Past around Rostov-on-Don

Steam Train Tour to the Past around Rostov-on-Don

We offer you to go on an excursion tour on a fast passenger steam locomotive around Rostov-on-Don with a visit to a museum of history of the North Caucasus Railway.

On this tour, you will get to know the history of the railway hub of Rostov-on-Don, see steam locomotives of various time periods, advanced railway engines and car building marvels of the 20th and 21st centuries, learn about work specifics of a steam locomotive driver, a station duty officer and a trackwalker.

It is one of the few tours which give its participants a real chance to touch history – get onto the steam locomotive, feel like you are a driver, get inside a 100-year-old passenger car, drive a section car.

Find out more or call at 8 (863) 229-19-11, 280-46-10

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