Excursion to Tanais from Rostov-on-Don

Excursion to Tanais from Rostov-on-Don

Tanais was the first archeological museum reserve to be established in Russia.

Tourists can feel the atmosphere of the ancient world near the excavations of an ancient town called after the Tanais River (present-day Don River). At its estuary reaching Lake Maeotis (present-day Sea of Azov), a town was founded in the 3rd century BC, and nearly eight centuries it played a significant role in economy and politics of towns located in the northern area of the Black Sea region and the Great Steppe.

Beside major expositions in the museum halls and excavations, tourists have an opportunity to take part in theatrical edutainment programs aimed at different age groups.

When it is warm, you can combine an excursion to Tanais with a picnic in the open air.

Historical master classes held by the museum officers are interesting both for adults and kids.

Excursion duration: 5 hours

Please inquire further details and information at +7 (863) 333-56-04 or check on the website

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